Art Collection Videos

Helios Education Campus, Signature Sculptures

This video highlights the importance of community partnerships integrating the art into the Helios Education Campus and the alignment of Helios’ mission with the art which engages and inspires visitors to think a little differently. The concept behind the four signature sculptures was based on trade routes, where people and ideas come together to exchange ideas through collaboration.

Joe Ray, Artist and Project Coordinator

Artist Joe Ray discusses the Trade Routes approach, which is based on the concept that where two people with two ideas met, a third idea would emerge. The Helios Education Campus is a place where ideas and inspiration come together.

Peace Expanding in Space, John Tuomisto Bell

Artist John Tuomisto Bell describes the concept and cross-cultural collaborations behind his sculpture, Peace Expanding in Space. The piece is comprised of one thousand bronze cranes, which were cast by hand and suspended from the ceiling.

Power of Expression Through Mark Making, Fausto Fernandez

Artist Fausto Fernandez discusses his mural sculpture Power of Expression Through Mark Making, and his inspiration with trade routes and Arizona minerals. Fausto also reflects on his community collaboration in producing the sculpture.

Trade Route Navigator, Kyllan Maney

Artist Kyllan Maney discusses her mandala-like sculptures Trade Route Navigator, speaks to the support Helios provides educational services and the path taken by individuals. Kyllan also describes the similarities between birds and her students.

Gathering Towers, Rosemary Lonewolf and Joe Ray

Artists Rosemary Lonewolf and Joe Ray discuss their collaboration in creating the Gathering Towers sculpture. The five towers were inspired by trade routes and mark a place where people can come and exchange ideas through collaboration.